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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farmboy Goes Cruising, Part One" by Jay Roberts Gay Rural and Encounters "Farm Boy Goes Cruising, Part One"
by Jay Roberts
++Do you muppets think this is a story about a rural kid going to sea?.
Naw, it's nothin' lak that. It's agricultural porn. Please, if you are
under 18, do not hang out on this farm. Come back when you are older.Clem liked attending his agricultural college. It sure was easier than the
hard work he had experienced on the family farm. No cows to milk and no
ground to plow. Everything was just fine, except he missed some of the
fine stuff that went on between himself and some of his friends.Clem was now nineteen years old. If anything, he was handsomer than he was
when he was younger. His smooth, well-formed, muscular body had matured
into perfect symmetry. Add to that, his cute face with the cornflower blue
eyes, button nose and his falling-over-the-face golden hair.Clem had been here at the college for four months now. He didn't
masturbate, because he never had to. Back in high school, there was always
some friend who was more than glad to suck off this paragon of male beauty.
He never had to ask, and he never had to reciprocate. The sweetness of his
farm fresh man milk was legend free sex lolita pics
back at Stuart Corners.Somehow, though he got some hot looks from some of the students here, no
one actually offered any exciting things to him. Now Clem was a hot-
blooded young man. He was experiencing almost constant horniness and it
was "plum aggravatin'" to him. Oh if only he bbs max loli preteen could have a warm, eager
mouth suckling his pink sausage like it was a teat, that would make him
happy.He decided to go out and walk toward town and see if there might be some
fella who might solve his problem. He hiked along the highway, his pretty
ass showing well through his well worn overalls, and one tan, glossy
shoulder showed naked, because the brass clip was broken on one side.A few miles went under his heavy farm boy shoes, when a Jeep vehicle with
the top off stopped along side of him. The man driving was just a little
older than Clem, but boyish and friendly looking. He smiled at Clem. "Hey
farmer boy, need a lift. I'm heading into town, but might make a stop at
the tavern about three miles down the road."Clem, always polite, thanked him mightily and climbed into the passenger
seat. The drive held out his hand and shook Clem's big strong farm boy
hand. Clem noticed that the man's hand was a town man's hand, the nails
trimmed and there was polish on them. He also noticed that the back of the
hand was covered with fine black hairs. That was always something that
Clem found exciting. They introduced themselves. The city boy was named
Robert."Were you planning to walk the whole seven miles into town?" Robert asked.
Clem thought that he spoke as good as any actor, or the preacher at his
church."Wahl, that ain't much. Back home the county seat is much furtha.""What plans did you have to do in town?""I shouldn't tell so much to you 'cause I don't know you yet, but I am
hankerin' to meet up with someone who might lak blow jobs."Robert couldn't believe his luck. Oh what a fabulous thing it would be to
get this rube to blow him."So you like blow jobs. Now friend," he said, slipping his hand inside the
open should of Clem's overalls, "I could really use a blow job right now.
Here look how hard I am. I can pull over and you can have your way with
me."Clem laughed charmingly. "Oh mister. You got it wrong. I meant to get a
blow job on me. That is what I want mightily."Robert was sophisticated and canny. There was no way he would let this
perfect boy get past him without feeling those puffy pink lips surrounding
Robert's long thin prick."Tell you what, Mr. Clem. I feel for your need. I have a gentlemen's
proposition to tender to you.""My oh my I could sit hear and listen to your fine words, but I am about to
brim over with need. What do you suggest? I'll listen to anythin' that
will relieve my male organ.""Yes man, I do understand. Perhaps you could, " And he began to open his
fly with pull his eight inch thin prick out into the night air."That's a fine prong you own, you should be proud and punch.""It's about this. Why don't you try it out? You know just kiss it a
little.""Now I sure do want to do what's right, 'special 'cause you gave me this
ride, but I jes cain't. It jes ain't in my natur'".Robert was going crazy with lust for this boy. Sure he had sucked a few
cocks, but his preference with to get sucked. They were both quiet a
moment, then Robert let out a long sigh, "Tell you what, suppose I give you
a few sucks, then you can suck me off?"Clem knew he was at the end of the road in this standoff. Finally he
unbuttoned his Bibb Overalls and shrugged them down to his ankles. Robert
gasped at the beautiful revealed, the strong pecs and six pack, the full
blown thighs and the perfect penis lying on plump balls. He leaned down
and took the organ into his mouth and sucked it into his throat and began a
furious and rough sucking, hoping to get the boy to suck him.At first Clem was pleased, but then he realized that this was not the kind
of experience he wanted. It was crude and it was making him very unsexy.
Finally he pushed Roberts curly brown hair and lifted him off his penis.
"Mr. Robert, this ain't gonna work. You are jes too enthusiastic to make
me want to make milk. It should be soft and gentle. That's the ticket
that works. Here let me show you with my hand."He reached down and grasped Robert's pulsing prick. The head was already
oozing honey in anticipation of Clem's pillow lips. Clem treated the organ
as if it was a teat of a nervous cow. He talked to it. He stroked it
teasingly slow. In a moment he had Robert drooling and his eyes closing in
ecstasy. "That's right, jes let the feelin's wash over you. Yur jes like
my cow Bossy. She loves the easy gentle treatment."Finally Robert got hold of himself before he became this boys slave. He
had to turn the game around. He pushed Clem's hand away."It's hopeless. You do the greatest hand job. But I can't possibly, er,
give milk as you say. Only getting sucked works for me. Clem, I am really
almost sick with need.""Do you think you might die?""It's possible. Now let me put my hand on your nice neck and help you get
down to make friends with little Robert. I promise you that if I should
need to "give milk" that I will take it out of your mouth first."Clem was the world's most generous boy. When he realized that the nice man
was in peril, lolitas nude preteen kds he pushed aside all his own feelings and preferences. He
know that the promise was like "the check's in the mail." But he was up for
it, even though he had never put his lips on anyone's penis before.Robert howled with pleasure as he felt the warm clingy lips of the boy hold
the head of his prick in and felt the smooth tongue licking off the
pre-cum, but nothing compared to the next sensation. Clem opened his
throat and let the shaking cock slide down there, then he proceeded to make
swallowing motions. He was pleased that Robert was moaning loudly and
hugging Clem's head to his belly. Suddenly he shouted hoarsely, "I'm
cumming."Clem tried to pull back, but Robert had a death hold on him and soon his
throat was coated with city boy lolitas holiday magic ls spooge. It was a strange taste to Clem,
but not too bad. Finally Robert finished his spurts and fell back in an
almost faint.Clem sat up and fixed up his overalls. Robert opened his eyes, "That was
the greatest blowjob I ever had.Clem laughed in pleasure and said, "I'm glad, but I bet you can do better
than that.""Well, perhaps, but I am just too exhausted to even think about it. Hey
what say, I buy you a drink instead."Clem shrugged. He knew when he had been snookered. He just hoped that
someone else would come along who sex preteen girls lolly could take care of his problem.Robert started lolitas holiday magic ls the car and in about a mile, "Sally's Bar and Grill" lolitas nude preteen kds neon
sign appeared.Robert patted Clem on the back. "Well bbs max loli preteen suppose we split up. Happy
hunting."End part one. Well there is a whole bar there. Do you think dear Clem with connect?
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